Feeling worn out?  Tired of everything? 
You are not alone!  

Sometimes we just need a pick me up, some encouragement and tools that work. 

That is why I created the Joy Challenge!  

We feel good when we are working towards something. 

When we create JOY in our lives everything improves! 

Join me everyday for 21 days beginning March 1, 2022.


“I would absolutely recommend this Challenge to everyone. Interesting story…I got my Challenge gifted to me. I thought…oh, God…I am so busy with everything that this is not the time that I can spare too much time for myself…my usual modus operandi: others first, my needs next.  

Well, after looking at your videos every morning, reading the worksheets, and understanding that I didn’t have to do this right at this minute…gave me joy. I was able to relax some. Your voice itself, your encouraging words redirected my thoughts right away, everyday. It did challenge me to start everyday  to concentrate on my state of mind, early in the morning, a great start to my day.” ~Astrid