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You know there is more for you, but you don’t know what.

You feel depleted or bored and want to be excited about life again.

You want to be inspired and empowered.

You are ready to take the next steps on this journey to discover your dreams and need access to tools, strategies and to someone who is encouraging who can help you to discover the boundless possibilities life has to offer you.

 You are ready to devote time to your personal growth and learning.


I want to give you all the tools for joy and abundance on your own time, forever. With all of the retreats, workshops, keynotes, and online workshops I do, there is never enough time for the deep dive. Boundless is the deep dive for you to start living the way you want.

~Erin Ramsey

Boundless: A Course in Abundance

Class #1: Clarity of Purpose

Learn the tools to use to get clear about where you are, where you want to go and why.  A liberating class to get in closer touch with yourself and defining what you have to contribute. 

Access your creative, boundless self.

Class #2: Claim Your Power

Learn the tools to claim your power to become 100% accountable for your life.  You get to decide what you think and what your (should say you) feel and what you believe.

Get to your place of power.

Class #3: Clear the Way

Learn how you may be holding yourself back with a lighthearted strategic approach to letting go and embracing more possibility for you. 

Move on to bigger things with an open heart and open mind.

Class #4: Create a Vision

Learn how to think bigger about your life with tangible tools and inspiring possibilities. 

Expand your horizons with courage and vision.

Class #5: Set Worthy Goals

Learn several ways to set worthy goals that will inspire you into a direction you want to go.  These tools will remind you that life and what you choose to work toward should be fun.

Set goals that are exhilarating and worthy of your time and effort.

Class #6:  Inspired Action

Learn how to use all of the tools in Boundless to connect to your deepest self and discover how to listen fully to your intuition.

Discover and feel your power in what and when to take action.

Discover dreams you don’t even know that you have and create an abundant mindset to achieve them.  Join Erin for this six-week course that will rejuvenate you and give you the tools you need to discover your dreams.

Boundless – just the name of Erin’s new program was exciting to us!  As sisters, we have participated in many of Erin’s workshops and courses and have found them all inspiring and empowering.  We are looking forward to a new adventure with Erin and know that she will provide many strategies and tools that will help our personal growth, learning and self discovery.  We also know that she will provide joy, laughter and gentle nudges to move our thinking and help us create opportunities we can’t even begin to imagine yet!   Let’s go Boundless 2022!!! ~Jane & Paige, Canada