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All of the things Erin talks about don’t cost a penny but can make us all rich! Judy F., Illinois


All of Erin’s workshops and keynote presentations are grounded in the six choices of Living Inspired. The choices are: embracing self consideration, practicing courage, creating joy, being compassionate, living in gratitude and focusing on presence. Through funny stories, interactive activities, photos and proven strategies Erin leads her groups to taking personal action by sharing tools to brighten up their lives so they can light up the world!

Erin will take the time to get know you and your goals for the event.  All of the topics can be customized to your group’s needs.

Popular Topics

From Stressed to Joyful: Charting a New Course

Inspired Leadership

Make IT Happen! Dream Bigger & Live Bolder

Be AMAZING: Leadership and Professionalism are the Cornerstones to Greatness

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