Free Yourself Up!

                                                  I have protected the same images day after day

Becoming a prisoner to the known

But the known is dead and past now

And I must buy my ticket to freedom

By embracing the fresh and unknown

~Deepak Chopra~

Are you tired of holding yourself back because you get too scared?

Is worrying about what people will think of you making you paralyzed to take action?

Do you know there is more for you but you are not sure what it is?

Does your doubt have more power than your dreams?

Make time to think.
Create time to consider your life and where you want to go.

Most people take more time to consider and think about where to vacation, what car to buy and even what to cook for the week than they do about their dreams and contributions.

Let’s start honoring our dreams.

2019 is YOUR Year!

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